This is my first experience of ordering a paper from a professional online writing service. Before I usually tried to write my papers myself, honestly the results were different, sometimes I was successful and got high grades, sometimes I either missed my grammar mistakes or received other remarks about the content of my writing. Now I know that I can get high quality papers every time and the price is very reasonable.


One of the most difficult points about writing any kind of academic paper is thesis formulation for me. The situation is ever worse, taking into consideration that most teachers and professors pay so much attention towards your thesis. Writers in this custom essay writing company know everything about thesis statement writing, so I can just order and relax :)
By the way this is my 6 order here, every time the result was even above my expectations, so finally I decided to write this feedback. Thank you guys!!


When I entered college, I decided that at the beginning I would need help in producing my academic papers and this essay writing website was a correct choice. All essays they provide are well-formulated, with thesis statement (that is precise, at the same time it reveals all the important themes and ideas). Theoretically I know all these and I thought it would not be so difficult practically, but unfortunately, I need to admit that this is my weak point. So, this essays writing help really saved my GPA score.


Entering college was a real stress for me! There were immediately a lot of new subjects, new atmosphere, you need to get used to everything and at the same time be ready to write a lot of various papers, which are already of a different level in comparison to school. I thought that I would not cope myself at least at the beginning and made my first order at this online service. For the first time I had a lot of questions about how to fill in the form, what information is needed and not needed, whether I am to look for the sources or their specialists going to find all additional sources themselves? Live chat administrator gave me exact answers on all my questions, it was very easy to make an order than.


This is not my first custom essay writing service (before I used another website).
But here I was so happy to get the answer that if I have the ready sources available – I am free to add them and they will be used by the writer, in case I don’t have any specific sources or can not find them – then I could just inform the topic and the writer will do everything. I thought finding the appropriate sources would cost additional money for me (like it was with other website), but I didn’t have to pay extra for this and everything was included into the final price for the number of pages of my work.


Usually in my college we were asked to write 275-300 words perpage, here they write 300 words (other custom essay writing services still provide 250 or 275 words per page), so here you get even more, than you expect for the same money, at least this was the case with my order. Outline is another problem, as often it is still needed, they do it upon request without any problems.


Many people think is it legal or no to use writing services like this? Actually, I must say it is much easier to orient in the ready written paper, if there is an outline, as you will easily find all the necessary points and ideas, even if you don’t have enough time to study the paper several times, when it was urgent for example. My first impression was rather positive, I think this is a good service, which I am going to cooperate with in the future.